Red River Pharma Develops and Manufactures High Quality Medical Food Products


National Leadership in Medical Food Development and Manufacturing

Red River Pharma is uniquely qualified in the development and manufacturing of Medical Foods. Over the last decade we have launched more than a dozen prescription medical food products. As a result, Red River Pharma has a unique grasp on the cGMP and regulatory requirements as well as the analytical methods needed to meet the highest quality standards of medical food products.


Quality, Compliance and Responsiveness are Competitive Advantages

“Great service is distinctive,” explains Charles E. Wiggins, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing. “We pledge to be responsive and excel in customer service because that’s what it takes to be competitive in today’s manufacturing climate. We seek to gain the respect and trust of our customers and patients through unparalleled consistency in quality, performance and compliance. The same holds true for our partner vendors and suppliers. We are determined to operate as a unified team and achieve stronger results as a manufacturer.”


Innovation: Better Patient Outcomes through Better Ingredients

Red River Pharma is an innovator in Medical Foods. We’ve not only achieved results with a broad range of products, we’ve done so with some new ingredients that are proprietary in commercial terms and quite unique as a manufacturing agent. Medical Foods, have provided new options to the marketplace – patient outcomes with fewer side effects and lower safety profiles. Red River Pharma products are at the forefront of this emerging landscape.